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Fire Suppression

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The CAT Vehicle Suppression Systems are pre-engineered systems utilizing I-PROTECT linear heat detection tubing as well as specialized discharge nozzles to safely and efficiently suppress fires and cool down engine compartments, wheel arches and brake cooling systems to a safe working temperature on buses (BSS), heavy duty mechanical vehicles (VSS) and armored vehicles (AVSS). In-cab water mist suppression systems are also

Vehicle Suppression

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Surface and underground conveyor belt suppression is one of the most common applications for CAT’s LSS and consists of three sub-systems i.e. primary suppression, cooling zones, and a redundancy system (including an early warning system); collectively capable of suppressing fires on complete conveyor belt installations.

Conveyor Suppression

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CAT’s handheld water and foam mist extinguishers are capable of extinguishing Class A, B, C and K fires.

Both types of extinguishers aim to effectively suppress the fire while minimizing collateral damage and causing  no thermal shock to equipment.


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