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Dante Virtual
Sound Card

Supercharge your PC or Mac audio applications with Dante connectivity, delivering instant access to any audio devices on the network. Record, process and playout up to 64 bidirectional channels of pure, lossless audio.

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PC & Mac:
Meet Dante

Dante Virtual Soundcard turns your computer into a Dante-powered workstation, seamlessly integrating your PC or Mac with Dante audio devices on your network. Instantly connect to record, process and playout using any audio application and any combination of Dante-enabled devices.

Dante AV
Audio & Video

Dante AV is a revolutionary new AV solution for standard 1 Gbps networks that allows manufacturers to add networked video to the industry-leading Dante audio-over-IP platform. It provides the ease- of-use, seamless multi-vendor interoperability, and integrated control experience that customers have come to expect from Dante.

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