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Combined African Technology (CAT) is a solution provider that has a wide reach overall South African Provinces as well any countries on the Africa Continent.   With over 30-year experience in the IT, Electronic Hardware, health, and safety, Security, Access control, telecommunication & Software Integration industry.

CAT Prides itself in being a Level 2 black economic empowerment (BEE) contributor and supports the positive Economic impact done in South Africa.  

CAT’s Certified Staff allows them to offer end to end solution in set up or maintenance of any network infrastructure needs or development of new or current software to accommodate company protocol. CAT’S Head Office is based in Johannesburg with satellite offices in KwaZulu-Natal & Cape Town, quick response to any of your corporate needs is a guarantee.

With a long history in integration & customer care, CAT is able to deliver a wide range of global brands with proven integrated technologies including Covid prevention, Time & Attendance, Access control, Global Visitor management, Fire prevention, CMS/VMS, IP CCTV with High-Quality IP Audio, Large Data Management, Enterprise Server and storage solution, perimeter intrusion, Software Development & alarm monitoring. We guarantee seamlessly integrated solutions that optimize open IT and networking standards.

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